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What is Mandarin Sorbet (Mandarin Sunset X Sorbet)?

Bred by Ethos Genetics, Mandarin Sunset crosses Herijuana with Orange Skunk, creating an indica with a rich, skunky, orange flavor profile. If you find Mandarin Sunset in concentrate form be sure to give it a try, as its terpene profile has won numerous cups.

Sorbet by Cresco Labs is the descendent of the storied Katsu cultivar of Bubba Kush and Skunk. Blending these distinct strains produced a remarkable phenotype that is exceptional in flavor and versatile in effect. This indica has a pungent earthy aroma intermixed with a little bit of sweetness that lingers on the exhale. Sorbet’s Kush parentage lends this strain pleasant physical relaxation while subduing both anxiety and stress.